The Social Caterpillar

I have always loved having a social life. I am often the one out of my group of friends that arranges nights out, pre plans weekends away, day trips, etc.

In my late teens and 20s I was always the one refusing to leave whichever bar/club we were in until the lights came on at the end, which is always a bad idea to see who you have actually been dancing with for the last 2 hours on the dimly lit dancefloor! I can remember many a night spent club-hopping then staggering into Brick Lane Bagel Shop en route home, make-up having slid off, complicated hair do now completely flopped and the outfit that I spent all week putting together now creased and splashed with vodka cranberry.

The 90s were all about baring midriff with teeny tiny tank tops and combats and trying to recreate Bjork’s multi buns hairstyle. Preperations for a night out with my best friend took at least 3 hours, listening to Beavis & Butthead give their unique take on music on MTV, crimping/straightening our hair using half a can of Silvikrin hairspray, then trowelling on the make-up, over-doing the eyeshadow to make our “eyes pop”, 15 layers of mascara, wedging our feet into super high shoes, we were ready! A sneak past the parents on our way out to the cab (that had been waiting 10 mins) and a raised eyebrow from my best friend’s Dad in a “what are you wearing” look? It was the be all and end all of my existence back then.

Nowadays, I’m not so enthusiastic, don’t get me wrong I love a night out with the girls but the getting ready part is about 15 mins now, which involves my twins ransacking my jewellery/make-up bag, lots of “that’ll do” responses to my desperate attempt to tame my hair. I can’t do queues like I used to and definitely haven’t got the ballsy attitude of “you want us in your club” I used to use on the trendy doorperson with the clipboard! My choice of pubs/clubs nowadays need to hold a decent wine list, lots of seating area, I like a live band (as long as I can hear myself over it). I can do a clubbing night, but prefer it if its a place that plays cheesy music “that I can dance to”.

I won’t give up the nightlife, but don’t feel the need for a 4am finish to my evening now. A trip to the cinema, a nice meal in a good restaurant, finding a couple of sofa’s to sink a few bottles of pinot with the girls that’s what it’s all about for me now.

Do I feel jealous when I see the 20 something girls going out now, taking our mantle? Not one bit. It doesn’t look one bit as fun as it did in my youth!


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