The Art Of Conversation With Kids

I have been meaning to write this particular column for a few days but keep getting interrupted or can’t remember the point I want to make!

Let me explain, I was wondering the other day whether its motherhood or just age which is giving me early memory loss? Did I diminish my brain cells in my sometimes crazy youth? Or do you never really recover from pregnancy brain when the extra hormones that your body is producing might be making your hair thick and glossy, but also manages to turn you into the local village idiot as well!

Or maybe it’s the constant interruptions from my kids that is triggering a mini amnesia attack, as I do often find myself walking into a room then forgetting why I’m there. Or think of something really important/funny to tell a friend/family member, then ring them up, get side-tracked then babble on saying “I had something I really wanted to tell you.. what was it?”  The most used application on my phone is definitely my “to-do-list” app, setting myself alarms throughout the day for the most trivial things that I should really be able to remember independently, such as take library books back, buy dinner tickets, call doctors, etc. I was the Personal Assistant to The Editor of ITV News for god’s sake, how can I not remember the simplest of tasks now!

Then I was thinking about every phone call I have now, every conversation when with my friends, if my kids are nearby I must say the sentence, “what was I just saying?” at least 10 times. My kids might be all cuddled up watching a DVD or be engrossed in some sort of game, then as soon as the phone is attached to my ear it’s like Children of the Corn, they immediately stop what they are doing and shuffle towards me, “Mummy Mummy, I want…I need…”.  I went to the park this morning with my best friend and her 2 children, we started so many conversations which were interrupted by one of the little ones that we gave up in the end and spoke on the phone when we got back to our homes, which predictably was then interrupted!

No wonder my brain has stopped registering memory after a few seconds, it obviously sees it as a pointless exercise!


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