Bright Lights, Big City – Episode 1

New dress – Check. Roots done – Check. Kids and hubby’s dinner organised – Check. What does check mean anyway?

I have a rare night out tonight, with a grown up, where we will be eating dinner in a fancy restaurant and drinking cocktails in London Town!

Will shortly be dusting off my heels and teaching myself to walk in them again. Attempting a complicated hairstyle which invovles curling my hair with my straightners…might have to start that one a bit earlier than planned. Have bought a new skater dress in glorious red, not sure if I’ll look more Torvill than Dean but hoping to look a bit trendy without playing the part of “Mum that doesn’t get out much”.

Friday night, Oxford St, I know the area well as I worked there as a Publishing Assistant at the age of 19. So why do I feel a mixture of excitiment, nervousness and a little bit of I can’t be bothered…. I’m not a total hermit but my nights out are so infrequent now I do get that country mouse feeling when heading up to the big smoke.

The old friend that I am meeting is also a Mum now and was my social buddy when we worked at The Daily Telegraph together many years ago. We always had adventures so hoping tonight will be no different, if I can stay awake past 10 that is.

Episode 2 to follow tomorrow, wish me luck!



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