Hi Ho Hi Ho It’s Off To Disney We Go!



  • Credit card maxed out after deciding to treat kids to a 4-day break in Disneyland Paris, in light of hubby working all summer at the Maj’s Jubilee and a little sporting event taking place in Stratford.
  • Exhausted kids due to being too excited to go to bed, then too excited to stay in bed so demanding breakfast at 5am!
  • Oblivious parents agreeing to come along as helpers to see the kids enjoy the ‘magic’, have pointed out that our privilege passes mean we need to be in the Park by 8am each day. This holiday is not for the faint hearted!
  • Stressed out husband trying to repack the suitcases after our daughter has sneaked in 5 princess dress-up outfits to “show Cinderella” and youngest son having squeezed in 15 cuddly toys “who want to meet Mickey Mouse too!”
  • Air hostess smile firmly in place as trying not to shout at kids on this ‘special day’.

Wish me luck! Returning Saturday, next blog will be “Surviving Disney”!



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