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Hello 2016

Considering it is only the 3rd of January, 2015 already feels like a distant memory.  It has been a big year in my family with me turning the big 4-0, my Mum celebrating her 70th and my Mum-in-law turning 80.  My eldest son is well settled into his sulky tweenager role having recently hit the grand old age of 12 and our twins celebrated their 8th birthdays in the summer. Time is most definitely flying by and we are doing our best to make the most of our days.  However, before we completely turn our back on 2015 and make promises of 2016 being the best year yet, I would like to walk back through some of the headlines of 2015, just as I did for 2014 (https://anounceofme.com/2014/12/31/so-long-farewell-auf-wiedersehen-2014/)


Terrorism unfortunately made itself known in Europe with Isis seeming to gather momentum and slaughter the innocent on Tunisian beaches and Paris sidewalks.  We all felt the vulnerability of evil on our shores and watched helplessly as thousands of Syrians risked their lives fleeing warzones and into Europe seeking salvation.


David Cameron cancelled his removal vans after the SNP pretty much wiped out Labour in Scotland and the Tories returned to power without their Lib Dem sidekick this time.  Mr Cameron was smug jovial about his victory as PM until that ‘pig story’ hit the papers and it was difficult to watch him speak without feeling a little bit queasy.  Ed stepped down as Labour leader and we watched as the outsider Jeremy Corbyn, who was likened to a very unexciting Geography teacher, took the leadership role. Still, at least he’s a vegetarian so unlikely to have taken part in a pigs head initiation ceremony in his past.  Across the pond in the US, Donald Trump joined Hillary Clinton in the race for the Whitehouse.  Trump likes to offend everyone it seems from Mexicans to Muslims, women and gay people right down to hairdressers and tanning salons with the oompa loompa tan and comb over he likes to sport!  Apparently he says to prospective voters on his campaign trial “to touch my hair, its real”! Er no thanks!


An American dentist became a hate figure after taking part in a trophy hunt in Africa and killed a beloved lion named Cecil from a national park. I was extremely saddened by this as I cannot see the pleasure in killing a beautiful defenceless animal, especially those at risk from poachers already! It seems that he received his just desserts as the news of him luring the elderly big cat to its death hit social media and he had to go into hiding while his dental practice was decorated in cuddly toy lions as a protest.


One of my personal lows this year was when it was announced that Dave Grohl had fallen off stage and the Foo Fighters would have to cancel their summer concerts at Wembley Stadium. This would have been my fourth Foos concert and I instead spent the whole day being a sulky teenager and trying to recreate the gig in my back garden by drinking beer from plastic tumblers and encouraging my twins to stage dive from the patio. However, it seemed to be catching when Madonna took a tumble after a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ caused her backing dancer to accidentally drag her backwards off a set of stairs at The Brit Awards.  As it was a live televised event Madge had nowhere to hide and had to scramble up onto her feet looking like Patsy from Ab Fab after a skinfull and carry on trying to sing her song.


The world’s media camped outside a posh London hospital awaiting the birth of Princess Charlotte.  Kate and Wills emerged onto the steps holding the new royal baby which was apparently an hour after childbirth with new Mum Kate looking as if she was about to attend a formal event rather than having just been through a traumatic event.  Her hair and make-up was perfect, baby weight well hidden in a designer dress leaving the public wondering how much of an entourage did she have waiting in the wings?!

‘Our Cilla’ took her last curtain call along with Jackie Collins, Lemmy, Warren Mitchell and Leonard Nimoy to name but a few.  The news of Cilla Black’s departure became the most Googled news item of the year showing what a mark she made on the UK, I remember fondly playing Blind Date with my cousins as we sat with our backs turned to the TV and listened to Graham and his quick reminders!

Mark TOWIE Wright married Michelle Keegan in a wedding only people with Rylan’s megawatt style teeth were allowed to attend.  Peter Andre and Jennifer Aniston went in for their second time lucky weddings (although not to each other) and Stephen Fry married his 30 years younger toyboy (go Stephen).


Paper 2016

How I will spend most of January writing the date.

I have been trawling through the web trying to find an inspirational quote to sum up 2015.  The year of politics, of terror, of great change ahead.  I could turn to a great prophet but instead I will quote Justin Bieber, not because I am in any way shape or form a ‘Belieber’ and my eldest son will not allow his little sister to play Justin’s music EVER, but just to sum up how not to get too tied down with religion/politics I will leave you with this:

‘Like I said, you don’t need to go to church to be a Christian. If you go to Taco Bell, that doesn’t make you a taco,’ Justin Bieber 



Farewell 2012!

At some point today we will utter to each other, ‘Hasn’t this year gone quick?’ as we do so every year. For some of us a New Year can herald a sense of relief, a chance to turn our back on the year that is almost over. For others, we may feel sad that 2012 has been the best year yet and feel anxious that 2013 might not be as fortunate with its unlucky digits. But before you start dragging out last year’s ill-fitting gym kit and investing in overpriced Nicorette patches to aid your New Years Resolutions, I would like to take us back through my (not personal) highs and lows of 2012.


This year gave us the wettest weather report ever recorded, with many towns being flooded across the country and people loosing their homes. This also meant that the much anticipated Jubilee weekend was almost a big washout. However, thanks to the blitz spirit of her Maj’s loyal followers, huge crowds of people took to the banks of the River Thames like soggy cats to watch the old dear celebrate her 60 years on the throne. I watched it from the warmth and dryness of my sofa and although I was mainly trying to see if her Maj was rifling through her handbag to sneak a Quality Street, I couldn’t help feeling a little bit moved by the drenched choir singing ‘Land of Hope and Glory’.


The Coalition Government dropped kicked us through a year of budget cuts all in the name of ‘helping our economy’. I’m not convinced they’re asking the right people for money, however, the saving grace on us not hitting a double dip recession was apparently the increase in sales following the massive literary (ahem) hit 50 Shades Of Grey. The trilogy that was dubbed ‘Mummy Porn’ had so many readers hoping to morph their husbands into Christian Grey, that the sales of ‘naughty goods’ rose by a whopping 400% giving our economy a much needed push.

With many families strapped for cash this year and the bill for the Olympic’s seemingly going through the roof, many Londoners, me included, grumbled about how it was a waste of money, wouldn’t be any good anyway, team GB won’t get any golds. How wrong we were? In true Worzel Gummidge form, I sat down to watch the opening ceremony with my ‘cynical head’ firmly on. But then I started to enjoy it, it was actually really good. Each segment was about feeling proud to be British and by the time David Beckham was on his speedboat I was almost standing. Then the countries starting arriving and I dropped into a semi-coma, seriously some of those countries must be made up. The games were great, team GB did really well and as a nation we all became hooked. My children, especially my eldest son knew all the names of our winners, Bradley Wiggins is now a cast iron hero in our house along with Mo Farrah and Jessica Ennis. Forget The Spice Girls spouting on about girl power, take a look at our female athletes. Nicola Adams becoming the first British female to win a gold medal in the women’s boxing even though she looks like she would be too nice to raise a fist at anything. The Paralympics were just as worthy for the first time ever, with my son and parents attending the finals which was gladly a sell out. Apart from a rather too lengthy closing ceremony, a partial career revival for Sir Paul McCartney and The Spice Girls, it really was an Olympics worth watching.


We have also had our fair share of royal scandal this year. Butter wouldn’t melt Kate Middleton had topless shots splashed over the front pages of gossip mags throughout Europe. We were all shocked and appalled, felt that she had been betrayed, although some of us thought that maybe she should be more careful considering her status in the Royal Family. The British press refused to publish the photos and the Royal Family took legal proceedings to protect her honour. Then naked photos of Prince Harry emerged in the press, he had ended up nude following a game of strip billiards (so posh). The Sun newspaper along with many others printed the photos on the front page, we all affectionately shook our heads at the mischief that Harry gets up too. He didn’t try to cause a fuss, wasn’t interested in any sort of injunction and followed the scandal by appearing backstage at a show in Las Vegas surrounded by bikini clad beauties. What a difference a direct line to the throne makes.

However, my personal wow moment of the year was when Felix Baumgartner casually decided to jump 128k from space, through the Earth’s atmosphere and back down to the ground. Dressed in an astronaut’s suit, he emerged from his little space pod, looked down at the edge of the planet and matter of factly said, “I’m coming home now” as if he was just ringing his wife on the train home from work. He plummeted to Earth spinning as he went, then somehow remembered to pull the cord to his parachute and floated to the ground. No matter how many times I watch the clip on You Tube it forces the hairs on the back of my neck to stand up while making me feel a little bit sick, it is truly amazing. And Felix’s reasons for taking the jump, he says, “Everyone has limits – not everyone accepts them”. I can handle a few limits thank you.


Whatever your plans are to see in the New Year later tonight, whether you will be cheering or commiserating come 12 o’clock, no-one will be as happy as Tulisa for seeing the back of 2012.

Happy New Year!! X