The Fashion Conscience Mum

I can remember watching The Clothes Show as a teenager with a notepad and pen, with Jeff Banks gushing at the models in an abandoned “urban chic” warehouse setting, feeling excited at the prospect of buying the latest outfit for my non-uniform day at school!

Throughout my 20s and my career in the media, I tried to establish my own style, working within a trendy ‘make it look like your style comes naturally’ environment. I did feel confident to team satin tights with kitten heels, tartan skirt and cable knit sweater along with my Cinammon Pink edgy bob, while I browsed at Top Shop Oxford St in my lunch hour thinking I was soooo original. Now I’m mid thirties, At Home Mum, in the years of no pressure, or so I thought…. but instead I find it more confusing, more pressured and more frustrating than ever to have a sense of style!

Now a bulk of my wardrobe seems to come via a silver package in the post, La Redoute, Ebay Outlet, ASOS, BooHoo. I do feel like a fraud in Top Shop now, feeling the glare of nubile 20 somethings staring at me while I consider a possible purchase. I did a very quick circuit of Miss Selfridges the other day and when a young heavily bronzed sales assistant asked if I needed any help, I lied and told her that I was shopping for my niece… why? I’m not exactly old before my time, I reckon I can still rock a short denim skirt with leggings, I still have an edgy-ish bob but why do we feel the paranoia of age?


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