Mirror Mirror On The Wall

I have never been one to dedicate hours getting ready for a night out, or felt the need to spend a fortune on lotions and potions to preserve my skin. However, since hitting my 30s, night cream, eye gel and the word Q10 have become an integral part of my bathroom cabinet!

After years of “experimenting” with a rainbow of hair colours from pillar box red to golden streaks, and that attractive 2-tone look that was big in the 90s, I matured into my late 20s with the decision to embrace my natural dark brown tresses. Until that is the arrival of my no1 son, his twin brother and sister 3 years later, the sleepless nights, the colic years, the terrible twos have all resulted in my middle parting taking a witchy white streak look! The odd grey hair.. lets be honest actuallly the odd white curly coarse hair went into nuclear multiply mode when I became a Mum, now I find myself ‘having my roots done’ every 5 weeks!

Along with the grey hairs, you have to adapt to the saddle bags on your lower back and no matter how many sit-ups I do the knowledge that I’ll never bare my midriff again!

It’s a small price to pay for my little darlings I know, I’ve had 3 gorgeous healthy children for which I’m hugely thankful for and was more than happy to sub-let my body for their incubation period.

It’s just a matter of wearing bigger belts, standing that little bit further from the mirror when applying my make-up and keep up the fight in the battle of the white hair.

It’s because they’re worth it!


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